Why Should I Consult with a Child Support Attorney in Arizona?

While it is the responsibility of both parents to financially provide for the wellbeing of their child or children, one parent may be asked to supply a child support payment when a couple separates or divorces. There are many things that are taken into account including income, custody, and costs necessary to take care of a child, and all of that is determined when a child support case develops.

Although some child support cases are resolved smoothly and without a dispute, others leave one parent struggling to make ends meet. Whether you have been asked to pay or are in the beginning stages of filing for child support, it is highly recommended you have one of our compassionate and dedicated Arizona child support lawyers representing you throughout your case.


Understanding Child Support Laws Within Your State

Each state has a certain process that must be followed in order to successfully file for child support or request a modification for a current child support agreement that has been put into place. Understanding the laws governing this is rather important and can help determine whether you receive the support or not. One of the main reasons why it is vital you have a child support attorney working side by side with you is that they can provide you with all the necessary insight, guidance, and information.

In the state of Arizona, there are specific guidelines that are used to determine how child support is paid out. The Income Shares Model was developed and is used today to determine how much support is paid out. Each parents’ income is used to calculate the amount that is paid to support the children. Unfortunately, some parents aren’t provided with what they are truly entitled to, and other parents are forced to pay more than they are financially capable of affording.

Therefore, if you are struggling with your child support case or are trying to get your child’s other parent to begin paying, you are going to want to hire a dedicated and reputable Arizona child support lawyer immediately so they can begin assessing the details of your case and begin working on it.

The featured family law attorneys who specialize in child support law found on our site work daily with similar types of cases and understand what steps you may need to take so that the outcome of your case is in your favor. Therefore, it is in your best interest to obtain your free consultation from one of the best child support lawyers in the state of Arizona immediately.


Whether you are recently separated or have officially been divorced and now wish to file for child support, you need to understand the laws, procedures, and guidelines that must be followed to successfully get your child support case resolved. Give us a call today and an agent will gladly pair you up with a local attorney.