Do You Need A Child Support Attorney In Connecticut?

Did you know that in the state of Connecticut, you must have a court order to receive child support? While you may presume you are entitled to receive a fair bit amount each month seeing that you have either joint or sole custody of your child, the court is unquestionably the one who determines what your child’s care is worth and how much you should be receiving from their other parent. Some of the factors the court will take into consideration in determining how much these payments will be include:

In order to even get started on a case, there are many steps that must be followed and processes that need to be carried out. The easiest way to ensure you receive an outcome that is in both you and your child’s favor is to hire one of our recommended child support lawyers found right here on our site. Sometimes, when a parent is under the impression that they are going to win their case, they aren’t conscious of what their ex-husband or wife has prepared to use to fight back against them. Generally, when one side elects to hire a child support lawyer and the other fails to do so, this can be detrimental to the outcome of the case.


What If I Want to Change a Child Support Order?

If you have already been receiving or paying child support and are looking to change the current order that is in place, there are two options you have. The first is to allow a CT child support lawyer represent you and present your case before the court. The other is to submit a request to the Support Enforcement Services (SES) that is part of the State of Connecticut Child Support Program. The SES will take your request, gather income information from it, decide if you are eligible for a change, and prepare the necessary court forms and provide you with a court date.

The SES will even serve the court papers to the other parent and the outcome will be decided during the hearing. You can learn more about this by clicking here or calling the Child Support Call Center at 1-800-228-5437.

It is also advisable that you sit down with a nearby child support attorney in Connecticut who will review the details you provide them with and determine if they can help increase your chances of getting your child support change accepted. Whether you are paying too much or too little, your professionals want to be the ones that provide you with the guidance and advice you deserve.