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Are you currently behind on child support and bothered by the consequences you may be facing? Are you a parent who has recently split up from your spouse and planning to file for child support in the state of Washington D.C.? Are you simply trying to inquire about the process itself and how it is completed? If you answered yes, is the right place for you.

Here at, we help people that are trying to find legal aid regarding child support connect with local child support lawyers nearby. Finding the right attorney can be complicated, but not when you allow us to assist you in the process. Our site has been designed to help you not only find a Washington D.C. family law lawyer specializing in child support, but also give you the option to learn about who they are. Here, you can browse through the featured child support attorneys and learn about their past, their experience in the field, and the different types of cases they have handled.

All of the Washington D.C. child support legal representatives come highly recommended on our site and offer a free, no-obligation consultation which we encourage you to take full advantage of immediately. You can give us a call directly or place a call to the attorney of your choosing. From there, you will be well on your way to feeling a bit more at ease about the entire child support process.


 What is Used to Determine How Much Child Support I Will be Required to Pay?

The Child Support Services Division of Washington D.C. can provide you with an estimate as to how much you might be required to supply in child support, however, our Washington D.C. child support lawyers can provide you with a more accurate amount. Some of the things that are used to determine this amount include:


Separation, divorce, custody, and child support are all difficult matters that require legal aid who is available to assure your rights as a parent are taken into consideration and acknowledged. If you are struggling with a child support battle, need more information regarding child support, or simply have a personal question pertaining to your own case, reach out to today and let an agent begin helping you. Your child’s well-being is most important and it is vital you have all the financial help you can get and that your child is entitled to.