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If you are unable to make your child support payments due to extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible to have your court order modified.

If you live in Rockville, MD and are unable to make a child support payment, you will need to address the issue rather than ignore it. As you may already know, failure to comply with a child support order could result in you being placed in contempt of court and being incarcerated. And the last thing any parent wants is to be jailed for failing to comply with a child support order, especially if they are faced with extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for them to pay.

So, if you are having difficulty paying your child support payment, below we have provided you with the steps you need to take according to the circumstances you might be dealing with.


  • If you cannot pay because you were laid off from work.


Being laid off from work is a very difficult position to be in. Not only might you find it hard to pay for your everyday expenses as well as monthly bills, but you may no longer be able to afford your child support payments that you are required to pay each and every month. So, what are you to do?

Well, if you qualify for unemployment, you should know that the court will still expect you to meet your child support obligation. The payments can be deducted automatically from your unemployment benefits. In the event you are not eligible for unemployment and are struggling to find a new job, the Maryland Department of Human Services says that you may qualify for a modification of child support. You can visit your local child support office which can then refer you to the Noncustodial Parent Employment Program (NPEP) or you can call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-332-6347 to find out more information regarding the NPEP.


Remember, you can always contact a Rockville, MD child support lawyer if you are worried that your inability to meet your child support obligation will result in you losing time with your kids.


  • If you cannot pay because you have become disabled.


In the event you recently became disabled and cannot afford to pay child support, you will need to contact your child support specialist. He or she will likely want a copy of your medical information as well as reports from your physician regarding your ability to work [Source: Maryland Department of Human Services]. The court may be willing to modify your child support order until you are able to return to work or “your case may qualify for closure if you provide medical documentation that you are permanently and totally disabled.” In the event you qualify for worker’s compensation or disability, you may still be required to pay your monthly child support payment.


  • If you cannot pay because you are earning less money.


child support law firms in Rockville, MD

If you are worried that your spouse is going to try and keep your kids away from you as you are unable to satisfy your child support obligation, it is best that you contact a Rockville, MD child support attorney.

In the event your income has decreased significantly, while your obligation to pay child support will still stand, you can request that the court order be modified. You will either need to contact your local child support office to find out what forms need to be submitted or you can hire a MD child support lawyer who can file a motion for modification.

The Rockville, MD child support attorneys at Barkley & Kennedy not only help assist parents living in MD collect child support payments from the noncustodial parent, but they also are available to help those who simply cannot afford to make a payment as well. If you would like to find out what this team of knowledgeable lawyers can do for you, you can always contact them at 301-251-6600.


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