Are You Looking For A Maine Child Support Attorney?

If you have issues related to child custody you need help with, you are probably wondering where to begin. Those issues can be unpaid child support, violation of visitation rules or you need to change a custody arrangement and to resolve them your need to know what steps to take.


Family Court in Maine

When you have a child custody problem you need help with, you might need to turn to a family court in Maine. Child custody lawyers can help a couple resolve some issues without the court’s involvement. For instance, if you need to adjust a visitation schedule for one week, you don’t need to court to approve. Parents can negotiate such a change between themselves. However, if one parent wants to change custody arrangements or visitation permanently, they must

Family Court Locations in Maine:

Bangor District Court

78 Exchange St, Bangor, ME 04401


Superior Court- Augusta

95 State St, Augusta, ME 04330


Franklin County Superior Court

140 Main St, Farmington, ME 04938


Child Custody Arrangements in Maine

It can be difficult for a couple to decide on the best child custody for their child or children, so it often takes a third party to be the voice of reason and help a couple come up with the best child custody arrangement and visitation schedule.

Below are the questions a child custody attorney and Maine’s family courts will ask to determine what is the best interest of a child:

What is the child’s age?

Is there a history of abuse or neglect on behalf of a parent?

What is each parent’s work schedule? What is their income?

Does each parent have stable living arrangements?

What are the wishes of the child?

Maine’s family court prefers joint custody arrangements and will determine if that arrangement is appropriate based on the answers to that question.


Child Visitation in Maine

When joint custody is awarded to a couple, the next challenge is coming up with a visitation schedule. It is preferable if parents come up with a visitation schedule on their own without relying on the family court. A child custody lawyer can help with negotiations, and the family court can approve or deny the final draft. Parents will have greater control of their time if they work together and leave the courts out of the process unless necessary.

What if I Denied Visitation?

If you have been denied visitation, it is possible to get your parental rights restored, but that depends on why you were barred from seeing your child. For instance, if you were denied visitation because of drug abuse, you may be eligible for visitation of you get sober and stay sober.

Sometimes you may have to settle for supervised visits until you prove you are no longer a danger to your child. In that case, follow the advice of your child custody lawyer, and once the necessary changes have been made, you can petition the family court and have the restrictions lifted.

Child custody is an emotionally charged issue, so it’s often a sticking point in divorce and remains an issue long after the dissolution papers have been signed. If you need assistance with any problems, our knowledgeable team of child custody lawyers in Maine to assist with your case.