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Have you recently lost your job and are unable to pay the current child support amount that has been agreed upon? Are you simply looking to gain a better understanding as to how the whole child support process works in the state of Mississippi? Perhaps you are a new resident and aren’t aware of the current laws and guidelines in which you are required to abide by? If you answered yes, then it may be in your best interest to sit down with a child support attorney recommended on our site to ensure all your uncertainties are addressed and your situation is handled in a timely manner.

For most parents who are experiencing a situation involving child support, time isn’t necessarily on your side. If you are the custodial parent, you know that the expenses associated with taking care of your child never stop, and it can often become too much to afford these when you are solely responsible for your child. It is always encouraged that a divorced or separated parent file for child support if an agreement isn’t already set into place because both parents should be responsible for providing for their kids.

Sadly, many individuals who find themselves divorced are scared or unsure as to whether or not they should collect, and never do. At the same time, there are others parents who are out there who are currently paying child support and are unable to afford it with their current decrease in salary or loss of income. If you match any of the above mentioned scenarios or are looking to get your questions answered, we can help you get connected to a nearby child support lawyer right here in the state of Mississippi.


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