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Each state has distinct laws guiding child support and how it is established and provided, however, there are common guidelines that are followed to determine what a parent is qualified receive and/or pay. If a parent is asked to provide payment installments to help support their child, they do need to comply with these demands as there are serious consequences that could arise.

Under Nevada’s General Provisions for Obligation of Support, NRS 125B.095 states that in the event a payment “becomes delinquent in the amount owed for 1 month’s support, a penalty must be added by operation of this section to the amount of the installment.” So, not only will a parent be forced to pay more for the child support they neglected to pay, but the Courts could take further action and even place them in jail.

If you are a parent who has been ordered to pay child support but feel the decision was unfair, let one of our Nevada child support lawyers aid you in proving this to the Courts. Both parents are equally responsible for their child and the required necessities they need, and one shouldn’t be paying for more than they can afford.


How Can a Nevada Child Support Lawyer Help Out?

Many individuals in search of legal aid are usually looking for somebody who can help get the process initiated and help assemble all the required documentation. But, one thing to bear in mind is that a child support attorney can assist anyone who is dealing with a child support matter. Regardless of whether you are behind on payments, have questions regarding an already established child support arrangement, or are looking to request a modification of an original child support order, a lawyer can assist you.

Our site features some of the top attorneys in the state of Nevada who are prepared and capable of helping you with your matter. We encourage you to take a moment now and learn a little bit about who these legal professionals are by looking through their profiles to gain a better understanding on the experience they currently hold in the field. You need someone who is familiar with all the state laws and will know exactly how to handle your case.


Being prepped and well prepared for your child support hearing is the best way to obtain the outcome you desire. Child support attorneys in Nevada increase your chances of winning your case and getting an outcome that is in the favor of your child. Therefore, rather than waste any more time, give us a call and allow an agent of ours to connect you with an experienced and reliable Nevada child support lawyer local to you today.