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Are you recently separated from your ex-spouse and ready to file for child support? Are you worried that they may retaliate and want to fight back against your demands? The best way to be prepared and ready is have your own child support attorney available to represent you.

Filing for child support is a big step for many, especially because it can bring about an unwanted confrontation. The moment you decide it is time for you to receive the necessary financial support to take care of your child is the moment you need to consider hiring an attorney who specializes in child support payments. Although it is the duty of both parents to be responsible for their child, not always will a parent comply with these demands.


Child Support Laws in North Carolina

Understanding the guidelines and rules surrounding child support isn’t always easy. There are many laws put into place and can ultimately affect the outcome of your case. In the state of North Carolina, both parents may not be held equally responsible for the costs necessary to care for their child. Rather, the law considers the child’s reasonable needs and the ability of each parent to pay. It is also important to keep in mind the penalties a parent may face in the event they do not comply with the courts demands.

So, if you are the parent who has been asked to pay child support, however, your financial circumstances have changed and want to get your payments reduced, we can help you find the perfect child support lawyer. On that same note, if you are looking to initiate a child support claim and have all the paperwork ready to proceed, you are also encouraged to hire an attorney to ensure your rights as a parent are recognized and upheld.


When dealing with any sort of child support matter, it is important you are prepared, and have a legal counsel available to guide you into making the right decisions. Our featured attorneys work with individuals such as yourself who are dealing with the same matters obtain favorable outcomes. They know what to expect, and can gauge what you will need to get the outcome your child deserves.

To start learning about the available North Carolina child support lawyers in your area, simply browse through the recommended attorneys right here on our site. Learn about their background, experience, and even schedule your free case review. If you find a legal professional who you are interested in, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Once your consultation is scheduled, you will have the opportunity to present your current situation and allow the lawyer to assess the details to determine what plan of action needs to occur.