Do You Need To Retain A Child Support Attorney In Oregon?

Are you a resident in the state of Oregon and are planning to file a child support claim against your child’s non-custodial parent? Are you aware that in your state, while the Oregon Child Support program is there to assist you with your matter, they are prohibited from providing you with any advice or legal counseling? For this very reason, many individuals resort to child support lawyers to get their personal concerns addressed and receive the professional guidance to help them be successful.


Why Hire a Child Support Attorney?

Dealing with a child support case on your own without the help and guidance a lawyer can offer isn’t encouraged and could ultimately impact the outcome of your case. Because these experts have the experience, skills, and background, they are able to provide you with some insight as to what to expect and how to tackle anything brought your way.


How is Child Support Determined?

Although each child support case is based on the individuals’ income whom are involved, there are ways the courts determine how the support is supplied. For instance, one parent may be ordered to pay cash child support, cash medical support, or possibly both. According to the Oregon Child Support Program, Rule 137-050-0710 states that “only the parent with the greater net support obligation for minor children may be ordered to pay cash child support and, if applicable, cash medical support, for the minor children.”

To gain more insight as to how your child support might be determined, speak with one of our family law attorneys in Oregon immediately. They have an abundant amount of experience in working with child support cases and can give you a better idea as to what you may be entitled to receive.

Not only do our child support lawyers stay current on the active laws, but they also use past cases to help ensure your outcome is fair and just. So, if you are ready to begin seeking out an attorney who is going to be considerate to your needs and ensure your child’s best interest is put forth, it is time you take advantage of our resourceful site.


USAttorneys Will Find You the Perfect Legal Counsel for Your Case

Our site has been created with the intent to help parents looking to file or contest a child support claim, or even those with specific questions find an attorney in their area. We provide you with the opportunity to search through our database and read through some of the profiles of potential lawyers you may want to hire.

Our ultimate goal is to match you up with the appropriate Oregon child support attorney who can help you during this difficult time when things may be a bit unclear and confusing. The child support process can be stressful and it is important you have all the help you can get.