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When two parents are unable to stay married, or a couple has a child and separates after, it is important that the needs of that child are met by both individuals. In some instances, both parents are able to work together to form some sort of agreement in how the child will be taken care of and who is going to be responsible for specific expenses. Sadly, it isn’t often that these agreements can be made or upheld and that is when a parent is forced to file a child support claim.

In the state of South Carolina, there are a number of things that will be used to calculate what a parent is going to be required to pay for a child support agreement. This includes:


Now, while there are general guidelines that are used to determine a child support amount, a judge does have the final say in whether or not this amount can be increased or decreased. The best way to persuade a judge to provide you with a sufficient amount is to have an experienced and well-versed South Carolina child support attorney working on your side and representing you.

Understanding the child support process can be a bit confusing and even stressful if you are dealing with a divorce and custody issues. These cases tend to bring about a hostile environment which is why you need your attorney present and available to speak on your behalf and serve as a third party.

Coming forward and filing a child support claim isn’t always the easiest either. Some parents are afraid of retaliation from the other parent which keeps them from taking any action. But, if you are the custodial parent and are paying all of your child’s expenses, it is time you step up and demand the financial assistance you and your child deserve.

So, whether you have unanswered questions, are looking for some legal advice, or are ready to get the necessary paperwork filed to begin this process, reaching out to one of our skilled child support lawyers is your best bet.


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