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When two parents aren’t living together anymore but have failed to come to an agreement in how their children will be financially supported, it is in the custodial parent’s best interest to file for child support. The Division of Child Support (DSS) is available to help these parents get the process going and even enforce a child support court order, however, you are limited on what types of services you can receive from them. For instance, if you are looking for advice or guidance, you may not be able to get what you need from DSS simply because their job isn’t to provide you with advice, rather, they are required to provide you with facts.

If you are looking to obtain legal advice in regards to a current child support agreement that has become active or you want to begin the child support process, hiring a child support lawyer in South Dakota is the next step you want to take.


Why Hire a South Dakota Child Support Lawyer?

Some of the many concerns parents face when they elect to file for support include:


In many cases, a child support claim can bring upon tension between two parents and it isn’t wise for these individuals to discuss the claim on their own. By hiring a child support lawyer, you could have them act as a third party and even speak on your behalf if you are worried that a fight or disagreement may break out.

Some of the other added benefits of retaining a South Dakota family law attorney include:

In order to get you paired up with the right lawyer, we recommend you give us a call and allow an agent of ours to listen to the current concerns you have. We also give you the option of browsing through the featured child support payment lawyers found our site and contacting their office directly. It is most important that you get your free, no-obligation consultation set up immediately so a lawyer can begin assessing the details on your case.