What methods will the State of Alabama use to enforce a child support order?

If a non-custodial parent has been ordered by the court to pay child support during a divorce and he/she refuses to pay, there are several methods the State of Alabama may use to enforce the order. For instance, a court or administrative order…

Alabama, What does a child support order do?

When a couple with a child(ren) decides to separate or divorce, the party who has physical custody of the child majority of the time (i.e. the custodial parent) may be entitled to receive child support from the child’s other parent (i.e. the…
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Alabama’s Child Support Advisory Committee Scheduled to Meet Mid-September

The Alabama Advisory Committee on Child Support Guidelines and Enforcement is scheduled to meet on Thursday, September 17th to discuss a number of different things pertaining to child support, according to a recent news release sent out by the…