An editorial published in the local news for Lakeland, Florida spoke about how issues that affect children when they are very young can lead to lifelong problems. This includes constant movement and other disruptions that are due to child support and custody issues. 

Early life issues can set children up for success or failure

Babies develop rapidly and have some of their most significant cognitive and physical milestones between the time of birth and age three. 

Research has shown that activities such as reading to young children, emotional support, and environments that inspire confidence will affect them for the rest of their lives. However, stress that parents are experiencing, as well as financial problems, rapid movement between apartments or houses, and job related issues all tend to correlate with problems later in life. Obviously, issues like divorce and court hearings related to child support and custody will add to these stressors. 

A book that was published related to the prospects for success of American children in 2020 does actually have some promising details. About 85% of all families that were studied showed good levels of resilience in their infants and toddlers. Less than 3% of families had to move multiple times since the birth of their first child when the study was conducted.  

However, these problems may be more exacerbated for local families throughout Florida. California, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida were all ranked one step above the bottom based on these metrics for U.S. states. Some of the biggest problems come from the number of children raised in low income environments in these states. By age two there are already some crucial differences between these babies and those in other states with higher rankings. However, it is possible for toddlers and infants to improve while they are still very young if the environment becomes more favorable. This is due to the fact that children have brains that can adapt very quickly. 

There is also research that racial discrimination against parents and families can have trickle down effects on children. Some of these issues are manifested in higher infant mortality rates and poverty among Hispanic and Black communities. The U.S. is one of the only highly developed nations in the world to have these kinds of issues. 

Getting legal help

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