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When a parent takes the initial step to initiate the child support process, it is important they understand that each case varies depending on the circumstances. Income, custody, personal agreements, and childcare costs all come into the picture when a parent is looking to place another parent on child support, but it all comes down to a judge’s ruling on what is awarded.

If you are currently dealing with a child support matter or have questions about your own particular situation, now has never been a better time to sit down with a nearby child support lawyer and discuss it.

Some of the various topics and things child support lawyers possess expertise in include:


Have You Been Wrongfully Placed on Child Support?

While some parents may be looking to get started with the process, others are looking to have their agreement modified. Whether your income has changed or your custody agreement has been modified, you may be entitled to have your case reviewed, re-evaluated, and reduced. Getting the paperwork and other documentation is something our child support lawyers can assist you with and help increase your chances of having the outcome you desire achieved.

Although the sole purpose of child support is to ensure your child’s well taken care of, their medical and school expenses are paid, and that they have food and shelter, there are instances where parents are wrongfully placed on child support. Maybe you care for your child more than the judge has acknowledged. This is when having a lawyer available and ready to represent your case is crucial.

Therefore, if you are ready to begin the process of finding a family law attorney in the state of Vermont, we are ready to assist you.

Choosing a credible lawyer who is familiar will all the state laws and guidelines is extremely important and valuable to your case. Our attorneys possess the necessary skills to fight for your rights as a parent and counsel you so you feel confident and prepared when you step into the courtroom.

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