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Do You Need To Speak To A Child Support Attorney In Virginia?

Raising a child brings along with it a significant amount of responsibility. In many cases, when a child is brought into this world, they have two parents who are willing and able to care for them. Sadly, some couples aren’t able to stay together which prompts divorce, custody battles, and child support to be filed.

While some parents are awarded sole custody, others are granted partial custody allowing both sides to see their children. This can bring on issues such as affording the cost of a home and all other necessary living expenses and providing for your child in the way they require it. When two individuals elect to separate, it is vital that the custodial parent is awarded child support and done so in a timely manner.

Because divorces and separations bring upon stress and even feelings of depression, some people neglect to take action and file the necessary documents to get the child support process going. In other instances, if you aren’t married and do separate, you may be required to provide further documentation identifying who the parent is and proof indicating why they should be placed on child support.


How is Child Support Calculated?

Determining what a parent should receive in terms of child support varies from household to household and depends on a few different things. This includes:

Income plays a large role in how much a parent is able to afford, and it is important that all income is documented and presented in court to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to. Remember, the judge is the person who makes the final call so it will truly benefit you to have a family law attorney present who can speak on your behalf and plead your side of the case.


How Else Can a Virginia Child Support Lawyer Help Me?

If you have recently been taken to court and forced to pay child support, but believe your case needs to be re-evaluated, our recommended lawyers can definitely help you. Many parents go into a child support hearing without legal representation simply because it is not a requirement. While this is true, not having an attorney present doesn’t help increase your chances of winning your case. So, if you feel your ex-spouse was wrongfully awarded child support or you have yet to receive payment from your child’s other parent who is expected to pay, give us a call today. Our representatives are ready to work with you and help you get paired up with the best Virginia child support attorneys in the field.