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Have you been assigned as the custodial parent of your child but have yet to receive child support from your ex-spouse? Do you need a child support attorney to help enforce a court order that has been set into place? If so, we can work to get you paired up with the best child support lawyer in the state of Washington today.

The child support system was designed to ensure both parents in a child’s life are held financially responsible for the necessary expenses that must be paid, however, not always do these hearings go as planned. In some cases, the non-custodial parent hires a child support attorney to represent them to prove why they shouldn’t be held accountable.

In other instances, another parent may be paying and taking care of their child more than the courts are aware. Because custody is a major factor that determines how much support a parent is entitled to receive, it is important that all information provided is accurate and true.

But what happens when your child support agreement doesn’t seem fair? What are you to do when a non-custodial parent goes missing and isn’t keeping up with the courts orders?

Your best bet is to contact a local child support attorney nearby in the state of Washington.


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