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Child support payments are expected to be used to cover expenses directly related to your child.

If you have recently been informed by the court that you are being pursued for child support or you have been ordered to pay it, you might be wondering what this money is actually going to be used for. Will it go toward child care expenses, food, clothing, housing costs, etc. for your child? Will your child’s other parent be permitted to use it at their disposal? These are some of the common questions many parents often ask after having been ordered to pay child support in the state of Florida so to help you out, we have answered them for you below.

When the court establishes a child support order, it must determine how much a parent is able to pay. Some things the court will use to determine how much child support a parent is able to afford include their income as well as the time-sharing schedule that has been created. The court does use a specific set of guidelines when determining how much a parent can pay and those guidelines can be viewed here.

Now, in terms of your actual payment, the court states that these will likely be used to cover the following:


  • Child care expenses. If your child must attend daycare or another type of school that incurs a cost, both you and your child’s other parent must contribute to paying this expense.


  • Health insurance. Child support payments are also used to cover health insurance costs as well as “any noncovered medical, dental, and prescription medication expenses of the child,” as per Florida Statute §61.30.


  • Basic life necessities. The cost of any of the things your child needs that would be classified as a basic life necessity would be included in your child support order. Generally, a basic life necessity would include food, shelter, clothing, water, etc.


  • Costs for extraordinary expenses or special needs. If your child has any extraordinary expenses such asmedical, psychological, educational, or dental expenses the court may adjust your payment to include these. The court may also include in your order to pay any costs associated with accommodating your child’s special needs. For example, if your child suffers from a disability and he/she requires certain care to be rendered or medical supplies, you may be asked to pay a portion of this.


What if my child’s other parent is not using the support I pay for expenses related to caring for my child?


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If you believe you child support payments are being used for other things aside for expenses related to your child, contact a FL child support attorney who can help you address this issue.

When child support payments are made to your child’s other parent, the funds are expected to be utilized for expenses directly related to your child’s needs. If you suspect he/she is not using these funds appropriately, you can always contact an Orlando, FL child support lawyer who can help enforce the court order that was established. There are certain forms that must be filed and a process that must be followed in order to successfully have the court enforce a child support order so it is best you have a legal expert helping you with this to avoid making any mistakes.

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