Hiring a Child Support Lawyer in Your City Increases the Chances of You Winning Your Case

Child support is designed to help those parents caring for their child more than half the time receive financial assistance from their child’s non-custodial parent when they elect to separate or divorce. Income is a major factor that helps determine what this amount is, but one thing many neglect to consider is what is actually included in a person’s “income.” Income is composed of taxable amounts earned from a job, such as a salary, and non-taxable amounts, such as a 401k. Income also consists of:


Although some parents are under the impression that just because they aren’t working means they aren’t going to be held responsible to provide for their child, however, this is a huge misconception and causes many custodial parents to neglect to file for the support. While income does help determine what a parent is responsible to pay, there are many other factors that are used to calculate this amount.

As you know, whenever you go into anything prepared and informed, you have a better chance of coming out with a favorable outcome. This applies to having a family law attorney present for your case. Our featured lawyers understand the laws and guidelines surrounding child support law and will ensure your rights as a parent are upheld. You want the judge to believe you have every reason to file against your child’s non-custodial parent and our Wisconsin child support lawyers will work to make sure this happens.

There are certain benefits a parent receives when they elect to hire a child support lawyer in their state to represent them. Some of these benefits include:

So, if you are ready to find the right family law lawyer in the state of Wisconsin who can assist with your matter, USAttorneys.com is ready to guide you.