Boysen Child support lawyers

Boysen Wyoming child support is the financial assistance paid by parents to support a child, or children, when parents do not have full custody of them. Child support can be offered by parents voluntarily, or mandated by court order, or through an administrative agency, depending on the state of the legal action surrounding child support.  A Boysen child support attorney can help with filing distinctions when children are involved, including the review and preparation of child support information sheets; support obligation income affidavits; child support guidelines forms; and a child support guideline notice of compliance, depending on the requirements of the state where the request for child support is initiated for divorcing, or unmarried parents.  When one party is delinquent, or refuses to pay child support, a Boysen child support lawyer can be of assistance in locating them through state judicial processes and initiating wage garnishments, or fiscal levy to collect support arrears. Contact to find an experienced Boysen Wyoming child support lawyer for a consultation to address questions and concerns regarding child support. 

Financial support. 

A non-custodial parent, the parent who does not have primary care, custody, or control of the child, or children, has an obligation to the custodial parent, the parent who has primary care, custody and control of the child, or children.  A non-custodial parent pays child support to a custodial parent for the care and support of children from a relationship that has been terminated, or in cases of out-of-wedlock birth.  There are situations where child support is paid to someone other than a parent, but that person has to be designated as the guardian of the child to receive child support payments on behalf of the child.  Boysen a child support attorney can make certain that the proper documents have been filed with the court when there is an assigned guardian to a child in lieu of one of their parents.


Financial support has a direct impact on families and children, because without a solid financial footing, children and parents may experience undue stress and ill health.  When financial matters are pressing, parents may not have the ability to focus on the needs of their children. Child support is meant to reduce poverty and financial insecurity for parents raising children, and it also reduces the need for state welfare because it prevents single parents from entering into and depending on the welfare system as a long term solution to financial woes that are inflicted by the reduced financial support of a second parent.  The collection of child support can positively affect a family and may increase the possibility of more involvement from the non-custodial parent.  Household financial stability continues to effectuate positive results on a child’s academic achievements and cognitive development in younger children.


Boysen Wyoming Child support is financial support that is based on parental income meant to cover living expenses related to childcare, insurance costs, education, and extracurricular activities of children. A Boysen family law attorney can go over the Child Support Guidelines of the state of residence that should be completed by both parents to clear up disputes regarding transparency of income, assets, and the ability to pay. Financial support requests and problems can be handled with the assistance of Boysen child support lawyers.


A Boysen child support attorney can be instrumental in the collection of consistent payment of child support, without interruptions that throw the custodial parent into financial ruin, or force them to depend on state services such as welfare, food stamps and Medicaid.  Child support fosters better relationships between parents and children. Child support offices across the states are relied upon resources for one parent who absolutely needs support from the other parent and may have difficulties:

  • locating absent parents,
  • establishing paternity when a child’s father was not named at birth,
  • establishing, modifying, and enforcing orders of support, and
  • collecting support and distributing child support payments to custodial parents.

A parent with minor children does not have to have formal, legal custody of children to apply for child support. Child support amounts are based upon each parent’s gross income and the number of children they have, against other considered factors such as alimony, medical expenses, work-related childcare expenses, health insurance premiums and child tax credits.  If the suggested guideline amount is not feasible due to miscalculations, or unforeseen expenses, then a modification of the child support order can be entertained.

Support modification.

Child support modifications are usually undertaken if one party can support the claim of “a substantial change of circumstances” that affects income, or time sharing changes; and one parent has more time with children, leading to an increase in daily expenses related to them. Housing, food, education, and insurance are factored into child support calculations.

Enforcing support.

Child support orders are enforceable whether the order is ex parte, temporary, final, or a modification of a previous order. Enforcement methods include:

  • Withholding income from a payer’s wages
  • Placing a lien on a payer’s real or personal property
  • Garnishing state and federal tax refunds
  • Suspending driver’s, occupational, sporting and/or recreational licenses
  • Contempt proceedings

When there is a significant amount of child support in arrears, a child support lawyer can prepare documents, or work with the court to file a Motion to Show Cause. If the court decides the payer has the ability to pay some, or all of the amount owed, the payer can be held in contempt of court. Common penalties for contempt include jail time and fines. If either parent has a change of income it should be noted with the courts so that amounts can be changed to reflect the new income.

Hire a Boysen Wyoming child support lawyer.

A Boysen family law attorney can guide parents through child support matters, and help them to understand how the support numbers will be calculated in the best interests of their child, or children.  When disputes over amounts arise, or there is an increase, or decrease in income, or timesharing for either parent, a Boysen child support lawyer can prepare and file a support modification with the proper court.